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A blooming Mother's day

On Mother's Day, we pamper our mother’s a little extra.  And what better way than to thank all mums with the most beautiful flowers or plants. Because as plants grow and bloom for many years, they symbolise unconditional love. So give a token of appreciation with a beautiful blooming gift. We have listed a number of indoor and outdoor favourites for you. Which one will you surprise your mum with? 

Thunbergia alata: A fantastic, fast-growing climbing plant that produces striking flowers. 

Hydrangea Beautensia: a perfect gift on Mother's Day, as this plant flowers beautifully around this time of year.

Caladium: with its heart-shaped, beautifully veined leaves, the Caladium really is a standout! Who wouldn't love that? 

Mandevilla: this plant with beautiful flowers makes every heart beat faster.

Anthurium: a classic that can never go wrong!