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Specialist retailers make up an extremely important customer group for Waterdrinker; a group for whom our wholesale business has become an indispensable purchasing channel. Waterdrinker pioneered the Cash & Carry principle some 40 years ago and has since grown into a 12,000m2 purchasing centre. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a large range of products, fresh from the grower: over 9,000 varieties of house and garden plants, including some 300 varieties of orchid.  We also have an extensive collection of pots, hardware products and other florist sundries.


Hans Scholten
Manager Cash en Carry

'Your satisfied customers are our sales success! Our Cash & Carry is more than a purchasing centre alone, it is also a source of inspiration.'


As a chain platform, we attach great value to innovation and new partnerships. The Cash & Carry is more than a purchasing centre alone; it is also a showroom with exclusive products, inspirational presentations, interesting Meet & Greets with suppliers and various shop-in-shops. In short, it is a world of plants where the whole chain comes together, shares knowledge and finds inspiration! The long opening hours, including Sunday opening every week and late opening two evenings a week (on Mondays and Tuesdays) mean you can avoid rush-hour traffic when visiting us, whichever region you travel from!

 Quick and easy purchasing in the Cash & Carry? This film explains exactly how!  

Our Cash & Carry is part of the Cultra Aalsmeer wholesale centre, which houses several other wholesale businesses besides Waterdrinker. Such as floral wholesalers Dobbe Flowers and Weerman, for example. They also include Basic & Trends, a wholesaler in florist sundries and Dillewijn Zwapack, which specialises in packaging materials. So you can find everything a florist could possibly need in Aalsmeer. All under one roof!

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Ornithogalum 'Milky way' XXL Bloem

Vanaf € 22,50

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Euphorbia stenoclada


Sansevieria zeylanica






Epiphylum angular


Rhipsalis ramuloses


Tillandsia 'Samantha'