Breeding ground for our new cultivars

Waterdrinker is the best place to introduce new cultivars to the market. The Cash & Carry is often considered a breeding ground for the latest varieties. Indeed, we are always looking for new, unusual and forgotten plants. Our latest introductions can be found in the Novelties & Specialties plaza and in inspirational presentations in the Cash & Carry. There is something unique about all of these plants, each with a story of their own. Did you know that many plants purify the air, for instance? In order to realise this concept our flower and plant buyers maintain continuous contact with growers and breeders. Between us, by combining your product information with our knowledge of the market, we can launch new cultivars as optimally as possible.


Ed Mol
Purchasing coordinator special plants 

'The collective launch of these wonderful  Novelties & Specialties is a fine example of chain cooperation!'


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Ornithogalum 'Milky way' XXL Bloem

Vanaf € 22,50

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Euphorbia stenoclada


Sansevieria zeylanica






Epiphylum angular


Rhipsalis ramuloses


Tillandsia 'Samantha'