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Waterdrinker is one of the largest players in the international  market for ornamental plant cultivation as wholesaler and leading exporter of flowers and plants. As a trading platform Waterdrinker serves various customer groups, including wholesalers, garden centres and retailers across Europe. The strength of Waterdrinker lies in the full and extensive range of flowers, house and garden plants, pots and hardware. We continuously aim to surprise with novelties, inspiration and a distinguishing range of products which are both excellent quality and competitively priced. We also have a good network of growers and breeders who frequently cultivate and breed products exclusively for us. Good to know: for some years, besides plants, we have also engaged in the export of flowers.


Roland IJzer
Manager sales

'As connecting link in the chain, we believe that cooperation is the key to your and our success!'


Taking as much work as possible off your hands is one of our priorities. Category management involves more than supplying the correct flowers and plants. Our dedicated business units provide bespoke service and concepts. These include marketing support, shelf-space planning, product range selection, market launch of novelties, knowledge transfer and training. We consequently attract an increasing number of customers from all sectors that consciously choose Waterdrinker as their supplier. Would you like to know more about the added value we could offer you? Do please contact our sales team!


John Buskermolen
Manager sales

'We like to surprise our customers and to be of service to them in as many respects as possible.'


The experience economy is becoming increasingly significant, which is why we offer additional service in the field of knowledge and inspiration. We can offer you a total marketing package, for example. This could include anything from designing banners to organising a joint promotion with one of our suppliers or even completely restyling your business.


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Ornithogalum 'Milky way' XXL Bloem

Vanaf € 22,50

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Euphorbia stenoclada


Sansevieria zeylanica






Epiphylum angular


Rhipsalis ramuloses


Tillandsia 'Samantha'