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Are you already familiar with the Hydroponic trend?

Letting plants root and grow in water is called Hydroponic growing. The roots of the plant are visible, making it look very artistic when you put the plant in a transparent pot. Hydroponic growing is creative and super easy! 


Not yet familiar with the Hydroponic trend? We tell you in 4 steps how to do it:

1. Get a glass vase and check if the plant fits.

2. Carefully rinse the soil between the roots of the plant with lukewarm water. Tip: do not do this above the sink, instead, use a bucket. This way the sink will not get clogged!

3. Fill the glass vase halfway with water.

4. Put your plant in the vase and you are done! Now, the plant only needs to be put in a nice spot.


Not all plants are suitable for rooting and growing in just water. These are the plants that in fact are suitable for Hydroponic growing:

• Philodendron

• Epipremnum

• Begonia

• Clusia

• Spathiphyllum 

• Monstera

• Anthurium


• Refresh the water every 2 weeks.

• Check up on the water level every once in a while to prevent the roots from drying out.

• Put the plant in a light spot without direct sunlight.

• Use spring water that is at room temperature. Spring water is full of minerals, which makes the plant grow happily! 

You can order the plants that are suitable for Hydroponic growing directly online underneath this inspiration page! Or come to the GTC and explore the extensive range. 

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