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Top 10 popular plants

Spring is around the corner, so it is time to inspire you with green shades and other colours. Mix & Match is the message we want to send out, which you can perfectly do with different sizes and leaf prints. With this TOP 10 favorites we will help you out!

• Alocasia zebrina
This beloved zebra plant is still immense popular and can therefor not be excluded from this list.  

• Calathea Medallion
Also known as the Peacock plant because of her bright and variety of colours. As if that was not enough, this plant can clean the air like no other. 

• Ficus Elastica Robusta
This strong plant is also known as the rubber plant because of its thick rubbery leaves. 

• Kalanchoe magic bells
The most distinguishable characteristic of the Magic Bell are its light green lanterns, that after a while bloom to beautiful orange-red flowers.  

• Kalanchoe venus pink
This Kalanchoe with bright pink flowers makes everyone’s heart beat a little faster!

• Howea forsteriana
This plant is a real nomad, it finds its origin on the Lord Howe island, where the seeds are nowadays still retrieved. 

• Fritillaria meleagris
This extraordinary plant stands out by its distinctive looking flowers with its checkered motif and beautiful colours. 

• Ficus Benjamina Danielle
Also known as the weeping fig, but definitely not weeping-looking in the living room! 

• Hyancinthus gipsy queen
This gipsy queen makes the world a bit brighter and even smells good!

• Monstera
This well-known plant remains a favorite. It is just perfect to mix & match with! Now available in multiple types; from large to small, different colour shades, and even as a hanging variant.

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