Enterprise with respect for people and the environment

Issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility and respect for people and the environment are embedded in Waterdrinker's culture. It is in keeping with our vision that we operate in an honest, responsible way, accepting responsibility for the impact our operations have on society. Partly for this reason, Waterdrinker has decided to follow the international guidelines of ISO 26000. ISO 26000 provides guidance for the tailored implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. ISO 26000 provides guidance for a self-declaration which helps us to determine what CSR means for Waterdrinker and how we can implement it systematically. We consider it a living document that is regularly 'refreshed' whenever we embark on new projects.

Another sustainability trend is collaborating with other businesses and/or organisations, in such respects as the development of new knowledge, for example. We need each other if we are to collectively become more sustainable. As a member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI), we have the collective ambition of ensuring that 2020, 90% of all flowers and plants are grown sustainably. Waterdrinker, along with Royal Lemkes, Dutch Flower Group and Royal FloraHolland, signed the 'Accelerating Sustainability and Transparency Together' manifesto aimed at accelerating the process.

Waterdrinker would also like to improve consumer awareness of the ornamental plant sector and the importance of plants in a living environment and to bring back experience. Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors, for instance? And that indoor air is five to ten times as polluted as outdoor air? Waterdrinker has long since been committed to highlighting the importance of plants in the living environment. Waterdrinker reinforces this message by supporting related scientific research, such as the effect of plants in a classroom. We are also one of the founders of www.intogreen.nl, the platform where knowledge on green is shared in accessible formats.

If you have any questions about CSR and Waterdrinker, please contact:

Ines van der Boon
CSR Coordinator





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