Our mission, vision and strategy

To create a healthy and happy living environment with flowers and plants

For more than 40 years we have been working to make plants, and since 2010 also flowers, accessible to as many people as possible. This has contributed to Waterdrinker developing into a chain platform and knowledge centre, where knowledge and ideas come together. The strategy Waterdrinker pursues is Treacy & Wiersema's 'product leadership' strategy. Our focus lies on innovation. A distinguishing product range can only be guaranteed thanks to the close collaboration with breeders and growers. Waterdrinker therefore invests in such collaboration consistently, to ensure the entire product range continues to innovate. Innovation does not apply solely to the product range, it is equally important in terms of service and new collaborative arrangements.


Our mission is to make flowers and plants accessible to everyone.


Waterdrinker aims to create a healthy and happy living environment with flowers and plants. Our goal is for more and more people to recognise the importance of green. We provide the best possible working environment for people who share our passion for green. Together, we are continuously looking to develop connections and partnerships that will contribute to this vision.


Everything we do, as a company, is inextricably related to and fed by our four values:

We Care, We Innovate, We Connect and We Inspire.


Mariska Foppen

'Our inspirational stories and plants are what distinguish our knowledge centre. Our love of plants is always the connecting factor.'

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Ornithogalum 'Milky way' XXL Bloem

Vanaf € 22,50

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Euphorbia stenoclada


Sansevieria zeylanica






Epiphylum angular


Rhipsalis ramuloses


Tillandsia 'Samantha'