The Waterdrinker legacy

Waterdrinker's roots lie in Zaandam market. That is where name giver Jaap Waterdrinker first started trading flowers and plants. Jaap soon expanded his market stall and became a plant wholesaler in Aalsmeer. His strength lay in his ability to spot and seize opportunities, and to dare take risks when others sometimes hesitated. The family business Waterdrinker Aalsmeer was born and today, 40 years on, family connections are still significant for the company's success. Waterdrinker continues to play a pioneering role in the sector, a company renowned for its spirit and innovative character.

Over the last 40 years Waterdrinker has rapidly developed from a local plant trader into one of the largest global exporters of flowers, house and garden plants in the Netherlands. We have good reason to be considered a trade name in the sector, indeed our Cash & Carry is a showroom for the entire ornamental plant sector. Supplying all green retailers with a distinctive range of flowers and plants is consistent with Waterdrinker's vision. The key customer groups are florists, garden centres, wholesalers and chain stores. Each segment demands a specific approach; indeed the dedicated business units consider bespoke service as a matter of course.

Bob Moria

'In cooperation with chain partners we are continuously exploring (new) market opportunities. Our aim is to keep exceeding expectations!'

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Ornithogalum 'Milky way' XXL Bloem

Vanaf € 22,50

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Euphorbia stenoclada


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Epiphylum angular


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