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Christmas vibes: these are December’s most wanted

Many homes, gardens, work spaces and public places are transformed completely in December. Not only by means of Christmas decorations such as baubles and lights, but also by specific plants and flowers. The most wanted ones being the Christmas star plant, Festive Pines and Amaryllis flower. Read all about these popular Christmas decorations, and why they are also great to have after the holidays!

Christmas star

The Christmas star (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is a stunning plant with beautifully coloured leaves. Over the centuries, the bright red Christmas star has grown to be intertwined with the celebration of Christmas. However, there are a couple of new kids on the block. The Christmas star now comes in all kinds of colours: light and dark pink, apricot-coloured, salmon-coloured, yellow and white. These colourful plants are real eyecatchers that will maintain their lovely colours for several weeks into the new year. It is therefore a great decoration during ánd after Christmas!

Festive Pines

The spruce (Picea) and fir tree (Abies), better known as Festive Pines, are one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Christmas. The decorated pines look great indoors, but are also a wonderful addition to any garden. There is a wide range of pines to choose from, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and shades of green. Whatever the type of garden, there will always be a perfectly matching pine for it. Not only during the holidays. Both the Picea and Abies will maintain their green colour throughout the entire year.


Amaryllis steals the show in any mixed bouquet. Its petals are quite a sight to behold. They have a velvety look, and come in a wide range of colours: red, white, yellow, salmon-coloured, purple and orange. Some even have two colours. An Amaryllis stem is always leafless, wherefore its four to six impressive flowers receive the undivided attention that they deserve. Amaryllis is very popular during the holidays. Its brightly coloured flowers, especially the red ones, are a great addition to Christmas bouquets.

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*Images: Flower Council Holland