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Clean it up, green it up!

The merry, although at times a bit chaotic end of the year is behind us. Time to start 2020 afresh. Let’s restore balance and tranquillity by creating a serene, green interior. Let’s clean it up and green it up!

Balance and tranquillity

The new year marks a fresh start for most. People are trying to restore balance in their lives, without too many external stimuli to disturb them in the process. What better way to find such tranquillity than by surrounding yourself with nature? Not only are plants proven to improve one’s sense of peace, they can also be regarded physical representations of it. Plants are deeply rooted into the earth, their soft leaves leaning on a sturdy stem. They represent balance and the connection to nature that we all need to relax.

A serene, green interior

The essentials for a serene interior are earthy colours, soft shapes and natural elements. Think of muted earth tones and classic curves and shapes; of plants with subtle foliage or round leaves; or of soft-coloured flowers in a delicate or transparent setting. Such an interior creates a sort of veil between you and all external stimuli. It turns your home into a place where you can relax and take a step back. In short, a serene, green interior transforms your house into an oasis of peace.

Turn over a new leaf

The current serene interior trend is a perfect match with simple, green plants and soft-coloured flowers. Take the Zamioculcas zamiifolia and Dypsis lutescens (Areca palm), for instance. Both plants have smooth, green foliage and can therefore be used to create a clean and natural vibe. Flower-wise, a serene interior should only include soft-coloured ones. A bouquet of pink, white or otherwise soft-coloured Roses or Chrysanthemums are a great match. Just like the Dypsis and Zamioculcas, these flowers really blend in and create a serene vibe.

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