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Clean & green with hanging plants

It’s been one of the most popular indoor plant trends for years now. A trend that’s perfectly compatible with the multifunctional interior trend. Plants that give the interior a green look, without taking up too much space. We’re of course referring to: hanging plants!

Clean it up, green it up!

The current interior trend is all about peace, calm and balance. About creating an environment to which you can retreat; a sort of veil between you and the rest of the world. Without too many external stimuli. The best way to find such tranquillity is by surrounding oneself with simple, all-green plants. Whilst plants like the Zamioculcas or the Areca palm are perfect for such purposes, they will easily take up too much space in a small houses or apartments. And an over-crowded living space is of course anything but peaceful. This has led to a growing demand for hanging plants, especially in big cities. It’s the best way to green up a modest space, whilst maintaining a peaceful and balanced look. An ideal solution, which also makes the space seem larger than it actually is!

Hanging plants

Hanging plants such as ferns or Hedera (ivy) clean it up in several ways. Not only do they make an interior appear more clean, they also have a positive effect on the inhabitants’ health. This latter effect is due to the hanging plants’ air-purifying effects: they break down all kinds of harmful substances. A real win win! Looking for hanging plants that are more uncommon? Then you might consider a plant such as the Rhipsalis paradoxa. An impressive hanging plant with graceful leaves that - being a member of the cacti-family – is very easy to care for. Shop these hanging plants, and many more, at our Green Trade Center or in the webshop.

Presentation advice

Showcase the advantages of hanging plants in your shop! Stress how easy it is to decorate your interior with hanging plants, and how little space they take up. Hang plants at different heights to create a playful effect, in front of a window for example. Show how to attach plant to the ceiling, but also showcase them on a cabinet or shelf. This is the easiest way after all, and a great solution for hanging plant enthusiasts who can’t or don’t want to drill holes in the ceiling.