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These plants will survive the Winter

The winter season is about to start. With these beautiful winter survivors your house & garden will look cosy & green.


  • Skimmia: always beautiful and available in big sizes
  • Helleborus: classic winter plant
  • Winter violets: flowerfull and loved
  • Laurier: needs a lot of water, even in the winter
  • Maori: simply and populair
  • Leucothoe & Pieris: when it's getting colder the leaves will turn into deep red

The following plants will love shadow and darkness. Off course they need daylight, but they will survive the winter darkness.

  • Zamioculcas
  • Aglonomea
  • Epiprenmum
  • Philodendron
  • Ficus elastica Robusta

We wish you a cosy & green winter. Please shop our winter wonders below: