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Refined Femininity

Nature surprises us during spring. Flowers and plants germinate. New life reveals itself in a refined, feminine manner. Create synergy between this new life and earthly, nude coloured tones: allow it to shine even more. 

Spring jitters

Spring is here. The sun shines longer every day, seeds germinate and new life flourishes. Nature’s inner beauty comes out. A true spectacle that makes us all happy. Especially when you regularly take the time to reflect on the beauty and purity of the newly revealed nature. Not only outdoors, but in and around the home was well. There’s no better time to bring plants into your home, like the seasons during which plants bloom and grow faster.

Earthy tones with golden details

Go with a colour scheme that make budding flowers and plants look its best. Keep it pure and simple with earthy, nude coloured tones. With a finishing touch of gold. By using mostly natural tones, you’ll create synergy between the interior and new life. No specific elements will pop out and attract all attention. Instead, they form a harmonious whole.

Budding nature

The current interior trend combines perfectly with refined-looking plants and flowers. Think, for example, of the Corokia Maori’s fragile beauty, with her wavy branches exposed between the tiny leaves. Or of the graceful manner in which plants such as the Dendrobium, Campanula or Spatiphyllum grow and bloom. These types of plants are known for their soft, feminine look, and combine beautifully with a natural interior. Go with flowers such as the tulip; the ultimate symbol of spring and all the new life that comes with it. Combine a bouquet of Alstroemerias or Gerberas with a nude-coloured vase, so they add just the right amount of colour to a natural-looking interior.

The plants mentioned above can be viewed and purchased directly below this blog. Would you like to view more options? Shop the extensive range of flowering and green indoor plants online or in the GTC.

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