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Love at first bite: edible flowers and plants

The first few weeks of spring have come and gone! Have you also spent your time enjoying the sun in your garden or on your balcony? Like you, we of course are also hoping for many more sunny weeks, but first, it's time for a bit more of an engaging activity, because it is the perfect time to start gardening. And no, you don't require a fancy kitchen garden of 20m2, all you need are some flower boxes that you can attach to your fence or the railing of your balcony, maybe some more flowerpots - the space doesn't matter, you can get started anywhere! 

You're engaging in outdoor-activities, it's very relaxing (goodbye stress!) and furthermore you are literally reaping the fruits of your labor! So in short - gardening has a ton of advantages. However, does the word 'activities' make you shiver, considering the amount of work it might take? Does it already tire you out, making you not want to even start? No need to worry! You don't have to delve into the mysterious world of seeding, germination processes and peating pots - our 'breeders' have done that for you! That why you'll be able to find a very nice offer of spices and vegetable plants, as well as edible flowers, in our GTC


There is nothing better than using freshly picked spices to bring a whole new flavor to a meal! For example, choose something like oregano, rosemary, basil or thyme. Place the plants in an as big as possible pot and make sure that they are able to enjoy the sun and remain well-watered. Don't forget to also light the barbeque and just add, in the case of rosemary, only the little needles. Bon Appetit!

Or are you in the mood to try something different? Something exotic? Then try pineapple sage. This south american plant has leaves that smell heavenly like, you guessed it, pineapple! Pineapple sage is however a very time-consuming and space-consuming plant (it can grow up to a meter in width and height) but there is no harm in trying and it is definitely worth the try! You can add the chopped leaves to a fruit salad or as full-leaves into a cup of tea. During the fall the plant grows some red, tubular flowers that are incredibly sweet and thus, the perfect seasoning to any dessert!

Fruits and vegetables

Always good and always tasty - paprika and cucumber plants! These plants do however need a little bit of extra love and warmth, but once you can harvest them, you’ll have the perfect ingredients for a summer salad that will be as fresh as it can get! Are you looking for a fun gift? Then pick our all-time favorite: The strawberry plant! This elegant plant doesn’t just look amazing, but you can also enjoy the entire summer with self-picked strawberries made by you! Just give them some sun and make sure the soil stays wet, and you’ll be fine. 

Edible flowers

Are you not really a champion in the kitchen, but would still like to dish up something nice? Then edible flowers are THE answer! Take for example the Tropaeolum Majus, also known as the east-indian cherry, this little plant is ideal for a small garden (or flower box) and is very easily bred. The leaves as well as the flowers are usable, they have a very fresh and slightly peppery taste, and they are filled to the brim with vitamins! They are perfect to give your immune system a boost, so stop waiting and get to it: This pizza recipe by the Look & Taste nursery is a definite recommendation!

You can buy the mentioned plants directly online, and we have selected a few tasty items for you below to make it even easier for you, so go check them out!