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Companion planting: let’s mix & match!

Companion planting: repotting different plants in just one pot. An olive tree in the sun with garden herbs on the bottom, or three different Ficus varieties in a ceramic pot in the corner of the room. With the companion planting trend you give extra spice to every space. Bring the concept to the store and inspire your customers with this trend that can be applied to indoor and outdoor plants. 

A match made in heaven

When potting different plants together, you make use of the natural affinity that these plants have with each other. The green buddies offer each other physical support and / or support in the form of nutrients. With companion planting, it is important that the plants you put together have the same growing conditions. You can, for example, put different Echeverias together in a garden pot with the Senecio rowleyanus. Philodendrons, Scheffleras and the Spathiphyllum also like to grow together. And for the garden lovers: create a mosaic of tasty garden herbs!

Inspiration in the store

Al those plants in different colors, shapes and sizes together in just one pot: it looks impressive. You are guaranteed to inspire your customers!

Below this blog you will find beautiful greenery for companion planting, you can order directly online. Or visit our Green Trade Center, where you can find even more inspiration.