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Cactus party

Who isn’t familiar with it? The cactus! It is perhaps one of the easiest houseplants. In addition to the cactus, there are more summer lovers that can withstand the heat well and temporarily tolerate a little less water. We have listed below which variants are real summer lovers and completely in style of 2022

·        Aloe vera

Easy peasy Aloe squeezy. The Aloe Vera needs little water, and you can place it in just about any place in the house.

·        Aloe arborescens

Is there a doctor in the room? This special plant has many medicinal properties and is the basis of the treatment of several diseases and disorders, in addition, it is just as easy to care for as the Aloe Vera.

·        Echeveria

The Echeveria stores water in its leaves and therefore needs little water. It can also be placed in direct sunlight, but also grows well on the west or east.

·        Crassula

The plant for people without green fingers. Do you ever forget to water plants? No problem for the Crassula, that is sometimes even a must!

·        Euphorbia

Although this may be the plant that comes to mind when you hear the word cactus, it's not officially a cactus. However, it is just as easy to care for, and therefore perfect for novice plant experts.

·        Opuntia

Also called the prickly pear cactus, it can grow very large and is therefore nice to combine with smaller succulents or cacti. Making your own cactus party can really be a breeze!

·        Cotyledon Coral

This is a special one, not only does the Cotyledon, like other succulents, love sunlight, but the edges of this plant even turn red in the sunlight.

·        Kalanchoe beharensis maltese cross

This light green beauty with a gray glow should definitely not be missing from the guest list.

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