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Plant universe | What nature tells us

If nature could talk it would tell us something like; 'Hey you! Slow down sit down, take a sip of water and marvel yourself. It all doesn't have to be so perfect, everything will eventually grow & bloom again.' We thought that would be a great starting point for the first trend of 2023, which is all about starting the year slowly.

Sorting yourself out, going back to basics, listening to what the universe has to say and thinking about what really matters right now. Plants help you do this, because, like the stars and the moon, they tell you more than you think. A bit spiritual, but certainly not too wooly. This trend consists of plants, flowers and accessories with organic shapes and grey pastel shades. They are raw and unpolished. The Curio Mount Everest, the Kalanchoe Beharensis, the Alocasia Silver Dragon and the Sanseveria Moonshine are perfect examples.They'll give you the ultimate relaxing vibes.

Need more inspiration? Check out the photos below. At the bottom of the blog, we have collected some plants and accessories for you!