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Kratiste - The sustainable climbing stick

As of this week the Kratiste – worlds first biodegradable climbing stick – is available in the Novelty & Specialty assortment. After a successful tryout in November, where the first prototypes were to be admired in the GTC, is the climbing stick now ready to conquer the market, complete with plant!

The climbing stick and included clips are completely compostable and do not contain any coconut, polypropylene or iron. Besides, the Kratiste is manufactured in the Netherlands, after which the (often) Dutch growers prepare them for trade.

The climbing stick is incorporated in the de Epipremnum aureum, Philodendron aureum en Philodendron scandens, and will soon also be separately available in the GTC. The tree bark structure and color of the Kratiste contribute to the natural look & feel, which makes the overall picture of the plant even more beautiful. So, a sustainable and stylish must-have!

Shop the Kratiste below or visit the GTC.