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Valentine's favourites | most popular gift plants and flowers for Valentine's day

Like plants and flowers, love comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why we created this versatile Valentine's selection. From cheesy classics to unique love plants that will hopefully make your customers' hearts beat faster.

More into flowers? You will find the most beautiful varieties at Dobbe Flowers in the Green Trade Center, you can also shop them online in our flower webshop 

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Plant universe | plants, flowers and accessories with organic shapes and grey pastel shades.
Plant universe | What nature tells us

If nature could talk it would tell us something like; 'Hey you! Slow down sit down, take a sip of water and marvel yourself. It all doesn't have to be so perfect, everything will eventually grow & bloom again.' We thought that would be a great starting point for the first trend of 2023, which is all about starting the year slowly.

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The sustainable Green Rituals line of the Bromelia Specialist
Sustainable Bromeliads

Energy prices are skyrocketing! We turn off the heating or at least turn it down. Good news: the Bromelia is an excellent plant that can withstand a cold(er) temperature. A typical easy-care plant.

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Plants with unique leaf prints
Unique plant leaf prints for a unique interior

We are starting to attach more and more value to our own space, so a real eye-catcher is absolutely essential. Plants with special leaves are thus hipper than ever. Therefore we have listed the 5 most beautiful plants with leaf print for you.

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Kratiste, the first sustainable climbing stick
Kratiste - The sustainable climbing stick

As of this week the Kratiste – worlds first biodegradable climbing stick – is available in the Novelty & Specialty assortment. After a successful tryout in November, where the first prototypes were to be admired in the GTC, is the climbing stick now ready to conquer the market, complete with plant!

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Selection of top 10 popular plants for the spring
Top 10 popular plants

Spring is around the corner, so it is time to inspire you with green shades and other colours. Mix & Match is the message we want to send out, which you can perfectly do with different sizes and leaf prints. With this TOP 10 we will help you out!

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Favorite outdoor plants for the from grey to green selection
From grey to green

Green makes you happy, as states the well-known hashtag #plantsmakepeoplehappy. Go into the garden and enjoy all the beauty that you plant yourself; these are our favorite outdoor plants of the season.

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