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mothers day gifts
These are the best Mother's Day gifts

It is almost time to put the sweetest mothers in the spotlight again. Besides the well-known (and appreciated!) breakfast in bed, bouquet of flowers, the homemade crafts and poems, there is nothing more fun to give than a beautiful plant and pot. That is why we have listed the most beautiful plants and accessories for Mother’s Day below!

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Vintage revival

Vintage is once again what's ringing the bell this year. And that is not only nostalgic, but above all sustainable. Therefore, starting from this weekend, the GTC will be fully immersed in the vintage revival theme.

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Ode to green
ODE TO GREEN | Connect with nature

Green in all its natural forms continues to be a prominent part of every living room and outdoor space this year. And by this, we don't just mean plants, but certainly also in the realm of interior design. The manner in which it is crafted also carries a green character. Also noteworthy is the presence of greens; bowls, vases, and prints were already popular, but this year, they are absolutely unmissable. Green it is!

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Country love | Unplug & feel the nature

The country love trend embraces simplicity, purity, and a deep appreciation for nature amidst modernization. This timeless trend is translated into ceramics, wicker, and colorful fabrics with authentic floral prints, and is a must-have for this late summer. Discover the finest products at the end of this blog or visit our Green Trade Center and let yourself be inspired.

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Mimesis orchids x A Fish named Fred
Fred goes Brazil

Two brands from Dutch soil with a drive to connect, surprise and inspire. One with orchids and the other with clothes. Together, they have now created something special! Namely, an orchid with a touch of Fred and a clothing line with a touch of Mimesis Orchids

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The colorful and curative Curcuma

The exotic Curcuma plant originates from India, Malaysia and Thailand, where the plant is also known as the Siamese or Thai Tulip. Below we describe three things you probably didn’t know about the plant and the medicinal herb that comes from the roots. 

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From grey to green 2023: the best outdoor plants to green up!

The third edition of the 'From grey to green' campaign has been launched. This outdoor plant camapgne calls for greening in, around and on the house. In addition, this year's NK tegelwippen will be played again. We therefore selected the most beautiful (evergreen) outdoor plants.

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Blog about the newest trend called Romance. This trend translates itself into rich flowering plants and pastel-like accessories. The most beautiful and unique plants by Waterdrinker
Romance | Inspired by English gardens

This trend is all about romance. A contemporary take on nostalgic romance. It can be elegant and extravagant. Fairytale-like and castle chic. Think impressive country houses and English gardens full of flowers, exciting vistas and cozy seating areas.

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