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Get inspired: Intenz Hydroponics

Planning on visiting our Green Trade Center soon? Make sure to stop by the Design boxes at the Green Café, and get inspired by the latest trends and designs. The beautiful Intenz Hydroponics collection will be showcased over the following weeks. 

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Clean it up, green it up!

The merry, although at times a bit chaotic end of the year is behind us. Time to start 2020 afresh. Let’s restore balance and tranquillity by creating a serene, green interior. Let’s clean it up and green it up! 

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Calathea for the art lovers

The Calathea is a real work of art. It has ornamental leaves, all kinds of beautiful shapes ánd a few special skills. These are our favourite Calathea artworks.

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Time for berry flowers!

Create beautiful Christmas bouquets with berry flowers! The must-haves? Holly, rosehip and skimmia. Read more about these festive and colorful berry flowers below and get inspired.

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Spotted: plants with extraordinary prints

Interior magazines are full of it; plants with the most eye catching prints on their leaves. We call it; a little miracle of mother nature! In this blog we've listed our favorites. 

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Plants as gifts: our favorites

From a ‘thank you’ to a ‘congratulations’: a plant is always nice to give and receive as a gift. We have selected 4 plants with a special meaning that are extra original to give as a present. You can shop these plants directly at the bottom of this page!

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