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Bathroom plants: the houseplants of the month May

After a long, hot shower, your bathroom might look like a tropical rainforest. This month you can complete the look of this tropical atmosphere with the house plants of May: bathroom plants! Warmth, humidity and shade are what these plants need to make them grow. We have listed the 4 perfect bathroom plants for you! 

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Pet friendly plants

We have selected five pet friendly plants for October especially for the owners of dogs, cats, rabbits and birds who sometimes fancy a little nibble on something green.

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Spring season, this is wat you need!

New season, new collection. But what do you exactly need to make your clients happy and their garden colorful? We selected the most beautiful plants for a cheerful spring.

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Beautiful outdoor Bonsai

It is an understatement that the Bonsai tree is very popular nowadays. Many people think that these trees are genetically manipulated, but that is not true.

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