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Bringing the garden to life with Botanic Flowers

Bring life to the garden with the four different seed mixes of Botanic Flowers. With these flower mixtures you can create a colorful party in the garden - for yourself, but also for bees and butterflies! 

The 4 seed mixes

The collection of Botanic Flowers consists of four different seed mixes: Cut Flowers, Summer Flowers, Rock Garden and the Bee and Butterfly mix. The Rock Garden mix contains low-growing species; in the other mixes you can find flowers with different heights. The mixtures must be sowed in the garden in the fall, so that in the spring, one can enjoy a beautiful color palette made out of flowers.

Spring party for bees and butterflies!

These Botanic Flowers not only bring color to the garden; with the flowers that bloom from it, you can lend a helping hand to bees, butterflies and other insects. Insects are important for nature: they process organic material and ensure a healthy soil on which plants can grow. The flowers also attract bees and butterflies, which provide pollination. With the seed mixes of Botanic Flowers you can plan a spring party for yourself and for various insects!

The seed mixtures of Botanic Flowers are now for sale at Waterdrinker, on the Novelty & Specialty area in the GTC.